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Order by 7th February

Karen's Kitchen weekly men - order by 7th February 2022

On offer this week are 3 delicious homecooked dishes and two soups.

Orders need to be placed with me by Monday 7th February.

(Delivery on Thursday 10th February)

All dishes are cooked fresh, so can be frozen immediately.

This week’s menu choices are as follows:

Beef Lasagne – £6.50

Layers of minced beef cooked with tomatoes and red wine , garlic and onions with pasta and a creamy béchamel sauce, finished with cheese.
Contains gluten and dairy

Vegetable Lasagne – £6.00

Tasty vegetables cooked with tomato sauce, layered with lasagne sheets and a cheese béchamel sauce.
Contains gluten and dairy

Karen’s Chicken Curry Special – £6.50

This is made with fresh ginger, garlic, onions , curry leaves  spices and finished with coconut milk.

Pea, Ham & Mint Soup – £3.00

Chicken & Vegetable Soup – £3.50

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